Drop-down Awnings

Straight drop down awnings can be used to enclose an area as well as provide shade and protection on windows, balconies, verandahs and alfrescos.


We provide a variety of fabric and material options to ensure you can achieve the look and durability you desire. 


The fabric choices include Acrylic, Canvas, Mesh and PVC.

Acrylic allows limited light through. It protects from harsh climate and offers an excellent shade factor. 

These traditionally striped canvas blinds are still the go-to style, and most cost-effective way to shade your windows from the outside. They block most light from penetrating through and are UV, mould and weather resistant.

Canvas awnings help darken the room which help regulate temperature and provide a high level of protection. The block out fabric will reduce heat and light transfer which is beneficial for the warmer seasons.

If you are after an awning which provides a bit of light and airflow then Mesh fabric is the way to go. These awnings are also UV, mould and weather resistant. It provides a great shade factor when closed.

PVC is another type of material which offers protection whilst also maintaining views. There are tinted options which can add that extra protection. These are UV and water resistant.

These fabric awnings are best suited to alfresco areas, balconies, windows and commercial properties.

We have many different colours available!

Motorised options are also available!

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