Light Filtering Panel Glides

Panel Glides are a uniquely modernized interpretation of vertical blinds. It offers an attractive appeal and practicality with their smooth gliding-across action on your windows and doors. 

These neatly stackable fabric panels are perfect and popular for sliding and French doors. This gives them a truly unique appearance that will sure amaze all of your guests. They eliminate chains and are great for safety devices as the horizontal tracks create a sleek operating system.

  • Available in Blockout fabric
  • Designed to suit any home
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Large range of colours, fabrics and textures available.
  • The clean, stylish lines of Panel Glides provide a modern, sophisticated and luxurious feel to your room.
  • Block heat in summer and shut out cold air in winter
  • All Panel Glide Blinds are custom made to the highest standards
  • Available in many sizes and options
  • Custom made to the Highest Standards
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Comply with Australian Child Safety Laws
  • We offer a 3 year warranty for your complete satisfaction

The insulating nature of these blinds help reflect the hot Australian heat of summer and shut out the cold winter air from seeping into your home saving you on electricity / utility bills.

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