Timber Shutters

Our Timber painted Plantation Shutters are painted with quality polyurethane paint. These Timber shutters are available in many different colours, painted or stained. This particular paint finish pleases the eye, as the paint finish is smooth. It also provides resistance against knocks and scratches making the plantation shutter more durable. We have a great variety of colours and finishes to suit your home.


Hardwoods ensure durability for lasting impact and endure far longer than synthetic counterparts. They are also less likely to collect allergens, which can be trapped in artificial substances.

Closing the louvres will help protect your home from the elements, as well as provide privacy.

Opening the louvres will let plenty of light through, as well as open up your view and provide airflow.

Angling the louvres either upwards or downwards will let plenty of light through whilst maintaining your privacy

We offer a 20 year written warranty for this product.

Available in 63mm or 89mm blade width size.

You have the choice of the amount of panels you would like.

The insulating nature of these shutters help reflect the hot Australian heat of summer and shut out the cold winter air from seeping into your home saving you on electricity / utility bills.

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