ZipTrak Awnings

ZipTrak Blinds are the original outdoor blind system with a track-guide system. This system is simple and safe to operate. It is a smooth system, allowing the blind to stop at any height. There are no chains or pullies, so it make it a very sleek and smooth operation.

These can be used indoor or outdoor.

Ziptrak Interior blinds have a track-guided design which helps block out all lighting unlike traditional blinds which have gaps on either side. You are able to control light, airflow with an effortless glide.

Ziptrak Outdoor blinds help to seal your outdoor living space, whether it be a patio, alfresco, veranda. It works great in all areas and will protect you and your space, furniture from all weather conditions, rain, storm, dust and even insects.

These blinds have a spring loaded system which makes them much easier to use compared to other outdoor blinds that are crank operated.

You have a great variety of colour choice to really help match and colour coordinate your outdoor space.

Mesh, clear or tinted PVC fabrics are also available.

Motorisation system is also available.

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